Samstag, September 02, 2006


Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Les Stances A Sophie

Roscoe Mitchell, saxophones & percussion
Joseph Jarman, saxophones & percussion
Lester Bowie, trumpet & percussion
Malachi Flavors, bass & percussion
Don Moye, drums
Fontella Bass, vocal & piano
Recorded in Paris on July 22, 1970
@ 320 kbps


Ornette hat gesagt…

Great record. Their best ever?

Free Défendu hat gesagt…

Their best, i don´t know! But i like "Fanfare For The Warriors" released in 1973 too. I will post it soon.

141743rd hat gesagt…

I still have this on vinyl. I read they recorded the soundtrack before alot of the film was even shot. A lot of diversity in style on it as well.

- 43rd