Mittwoch, September 13, 2006

Connected via Africa

Drummers of The Societé Absolument Guinin
Voodoo Drums
Recorded in Port au Prince, Haiti
1. Yanvalou
2. Africanadou
3. Rongol
4. Zepol
5. Dahome
6. Congo
7. Mai
8. Parigol
9. Contredance
10. Afranchi
11. Juba
12. Petro
13. Kita
14. Boumba
15. Koye
16. Zepol
17. Mas Karon
18. Ibo
The different rhythms featured here are used to bring the spirits
of Voodoo down into the physical world.
@ 320kbps


Anonym hat gesagt…

This is really special, thank you!

Nightlight hat gesagt…

I realise this is an old post but I wanted anyway to say thanx for this one.