Samstag, Mai 29, 2010

Connected via Africa II

and his African Percussion Safari
Jungle Echoes
Omega Records OSL 7

a1 The Jungle Chase
a2 Torture of the Mau Mau
a3 Co-Gona Voodoo
a4 The Feast Dance
a5 The Limbo
b1 Jungle Drum Variations
b2 Cum-Ba-See
b3 The Spear Dance
b4 Safari Jungle Maze
Ripped from my original LP
@1411kbps AIFF, shrinked to 320kbps MP3


Mr Morse hat gesagt…

Hahaha!!!! That is a very unexpected ddl!!!!
I really enjoy listening this record, many many thanks for this post :)

This release is full of part that i would love sampling.. Any chance to get this AIFF version??
Please let me in touch.

Many thanks again, you made my day with this one

Free Défendu hat gesagt…

AIFF version possible.
Email here!
Will not be published.

Mr Morse hat gesagt…

Hello Again so!
I can't saw your profil or locate your email... PLease hit me up with this AIFF version!!!
my mail is:
Many many many thank you :) :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love these 50s exotica records. Martin Denny, Les Baxter etc,´., so thank you for this rip! Is it possible to repair the download link? That'd be great! Thanks.

Lucky hat gesagt…

the track "the limbo" is actually missing from the folder. "Co-Gona" is mistitled "Co-Gona Voodoo", and the following track "Voodoo" has the wrong title "the feast dance". 7-10 are all there, but with wrong track numbers and titles (last track is safari jungle maze). took me some time to sort this out, but there are are 10 track on the album, and here are only 9. madrotter just posted the album - but only in mono (this here is the stereo version). but i guess nobody will read this comment anyway... :)