Freitag, Oktober 03, 2008


Sun Ra

01. The Mystery of Two
02. Interstellar low Ways
03. Néo Project#2
04. Cosmos
05. Moonship Journey
06. Journey Among The Stars
07. Jazz From An Unknown Planet


Sun Ra - Rocksichord
John Gilmore - Ténor Saxophone
Marshall Allen - Alto Sax, Flute
Danny Davis - Alto Sax, Flute
Danny Thompson - Baritone Sax, Flute
Elo Omoe - Bass Clarinet, Flute
Jac Jackson - Bassoon, Flute
Ahmed Abdullah - Trumpet
Vincent Chancey - French Horn
Craig Harris - Trombone
R. Anthony Bunn - Electric Bass
Larry Bright - Drums

Studio Hautefeuille, Paris, August 25 1976


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