Samstag, Juni 28, 2008

multi-dimensional projection

Sun Ra
Intergalactic Research

1 Untitled Improvisation
2 Strange Worlds/It´s After The End of the World/Outer Spaceways Inc./Why Go to the Moon
3 Untitled Improvisation
4 Moog
5 Outer Space
6 Untitled
7 Intergalactic Research



@ 320 kbps


Anonym hat gesagt…

hola gracias por volver a poner tan buena musica

peskypesky hat gesagt…

excellent! thank you!!!

Free Défendu hat gesagt…

Thanks peskypesky. I have also the other 4 volumes, if you wish. But i will not post them on this site.

yesIah garvey hat gesagt…

thank you !
trying to locate volumes 2 and 5 ...

yesIah garvey hat gesagt…

woops i meant 3 and 5 :)

paul w. hat gesagt…

hi free defendu,

many thanks for this post. i located it over a year ago, but did not go into comments section. i was looking for lost reel collection vol. 3 & 5 for a long time and fortunately i found it already in the blogland 10 days ago. however i have a question to you - do you have access to 6 cd set "live at slug's saloon" by sun ra with the recording of 2 full concerts there in 1972 ? i am looking for it for over a year with no result.

best regards.

paul w.

Free Défendu hat gesagt…

Hi Paul
OK I have it for you, but i don´t want to post it here. Send me your email here in the comments (i will not publish it here of course) and i make a link specially for you. I have the complete collection till now. You should buy the last Transparency Sun Ra "Live in Rome" which to me is a real lost album (the quality of this recording is enormously high).