Samstag, Mai 29, 2010

Connected via Africa II

and his African Percussion Safari
Jungle Echoes
Omega Records OSL 7

a1 The Jungle Chase
a2 Torture of the Mau Mau
a3 Co-Gona Voodoo
a4 The Feast Dance
a5 The Limbo
b1 Jungle Drum Variations
b2 Cum-Ba-See
b3 The Spear Dance
b4 Safari Jungle Maze
Ripped from my original LP
@1411kbps AIFF, shrinked to 320kbps MP3

Dienstag, Mai 04, 2010

Desiring Machines

Folds And Rhizomes
For Gilles Deleuze
Sub Rosa

Mouse On Mars - Subnubus

Main - Occlusion

Oval - SD II Audio Template

Scanner - Control: Phantom
Signals With active Band With

Hazan + Shea - Rhizome:
No Beginning
No End