Montag, Dezember 22, 2008

Back in 1966

Soul Cargo Vol. 1
The Early Years Of "Groove" And "Popcorn" Music
Back In 1966

01 SOUL CARGO (Léon Haywood) (Haywood)
02 GOING TO A HAPPENING (Tommy Neal) (Wylie-Hester)
03 LEAD ME ON (Gwen Mc Crae) (Malone)
04 HEY MISTER DJ ! (Bobby Moore) (Moore)
05 GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE (Wilmer and the Dukes) (Brown)
06 BELIEVE IT OR NOT (Rex Garvin) (Dunn-Garvin-Holman)
07 THREAD THE NEEDLE (Clarence Carter) (Carter)
08 (I'm so) THANKFUL (Ikettes) (Gordon-Wilson)
09 UNTIE ME (The Tams) (South)
10 DO WATCHA WANNA (Donnie Elbert) (Dallas-Elbert)
11 JADE EAST (Ramsey Lewis) (Evans)
12 AFFINIDAD (Errol Garner) (Garner)
13 I SPY FOR THE F.B.I. (Jamo Thomas) (Wylie-Kelly)
14 YOU AIN'T READY (Billy Butler) (Butler)
15 BUT IT'S ALRIGHT (JJ.Jackson) (Jackson-Tubbs)
16 HOLE IN THE WALL (Billy Larkin) (Cropper-Ja ckson-Jones)
17 BLACK FOX (Freddy Robinson) (Higgins)
18 DANGER HE'S A STRANGER (The five Stairsteps) (Burka-Mayfield)
19 BABY SCRATCH MY BACK (Slim Harpo) (Moore)
20 MINISTREL AND QUEEN (The Impressions) (Mayfield)

Sonntag, Dezember 21, 2008


Sun Ra
Mayan Temples
Black Saint 1990

01. Dance of the Language Barrier
02. Bygone
03. Discipline No. 1
04. Alone Together
05. Prelude to Stargazers
06. Mayan Temples
07. I'll Never Be the Same
08. Stardust from Tomorrow
09. El Is a Sound of Joy
10. Time After Time
11. Opus in Springtime
12. Theme of the Stargazers
13. Sunset on the Nile on the River Nile